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Shock absorbers

These are the mechanical elements of the car that share the same functions of contributing to road safety by keeping the wheels in constant contact with the ground and reducing the oscillations of the vehicle, providing comfort and comfort to its occupants.

They are located between the wheel axis and the chassis and make the vehicle follow a uniform trajectory, influencing braking, steering control and stable and balanced conduction on any surface.

Dampers deteriorate more or less rapidly depending on vehicle usage, road status, driving style, and normal load.

Bad shock absorbers can cause serious safety problems in the form of:

- Low stick curves and loss of vehicle control
- High sensitivity of the vehicle to the side wind
- Irregular tire wear
- Extending braking distances
- Dangerous oscillations of the body

Unlike other wear elements of the vehicle, there is no indicator here to alert us of malfunction.

There is a tendency to get used to driving with dampers in bad condition, and inadvertently compensates for the ineffectiveness of dampers by changing the way they drive. However, if you notice that:

- The vehicle tends to sink the front in the brakes
- On the curves the car has a tendency to move outward
- Other users signal dazzling
- One of the dampers has oil leaks

replacement is advisable of shock absorbers.

Although it is advisable to change the four shock absorbers at the same time, at we will proceed to accurately diagnose the condition and effectiveness of the shock absorbers and which ones need to be replaced.

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